Our main aims are...

  • To defend and represent the interests and worries of our members before the Public Administration or Public and Private Entities through negotiation, administrative or legal channels as required.
  • Release of information which may affect or be important for our members.
  • Training courses, lectures, summits, symposiums on environmental, legal-administrative or technical affairs.
  • Technical, legal and administrative consultancy for our members before the Public Administration or Public and Private Entities.
  • Development of self-interested behaviour and communication among the members of the Association and information transmission to the rest of Public and Private Entities.
  • Local and national state aids and collaboration agreements with private and state Technological Institutes for the development and innovation in all the activities involved in the non-hazardous waste management. We promote any activity which may innovate and modernize the field of non-hazardous waste management so as to minimize the environmental impacts and to eradicate bad practices on environment.
  • Collaboration with the different public administrations and with the local or state security bodies to denounce illegal practices on non-hazardous waste management with the aim of stopping unauthorized practices and the subsequent ecomomic damages in this sector.
  • Institutional participation with the different public and private administration bodies.
  • Collective Labor agreements.
  • Aproachal of Labour Issues.
  • Social dialogue.
  • Institutional participation with the Public Labour Administration Bodies and coordination and defense of professional, economic and business common-interests.


Hazardous and non-Hazardous
Waste Management Association
of the Valencian Comunity

José Miguel Vendrell

Work: (0034) 96 336 34 87
Fax:   (0034) 96 374 20 18

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